About Us

All About Bliss

LOCATED IN THE LIFE CENTER ATHLETIC CLUB, BLISS ACADEMY OF DANCE…began in 2004 in a single room, with 20 students and one teacher. With the help of instructors, parents, and dancers BLISS has seen extraordinary growth. Much of this progress is due to positive experiences from our dancers and family. Those who have experienced BLISS want to share it with others helping to deepen the talent of dancers and broaden our instruction. BLISS now has 3 studio rooms, over 250 students, and 12 talented instructors. Come find your BLISS!

Our Mission

At BLISS Academy of Dance we strive to make learning and progression both exciting and rewarding. Our priority is to establish self worth in each student rather than perfection. BLISS is recognized for their sportsmanship and camaraderie. Dancing provides the opportunity to express emotion through unique and original movement. Furthermore, dancing is an expression of emotion. In our studio, we want each dancer to find their own joy, happiness, love and “BLISS”.
Are you ready to feel the Bliss?