Our main goal is to make learning and improving to dance exciting! It is important to teach our students how to dance, however, it is just as important to teach them how to feel the bliss in every movement, of every dance style. We love what we do, and we love who we are.


  • Parents are allowed to come watch at their own risk. If it is not necessary to watch your dancer we advise you to stay in your car. If you are watching please wear a mask and maintain social distancing. 
  • Dancers do not need to wear a mask during class while exercising. Although, dancers are welcome to wear a mask if they would like. Since we are in a gym it is not enforced that we wear masks while inside the Life Center. 
  • Markers are set on the floor to help maintain social distancing when possible. We will be starting dance routines, therefore, there is no promise that your dancer will always be at a six foot distance. If you have specific requests please feel free to contact your teacher. 
  • Please call or email with questions this year to minimize the number of people in the Life Center. 
  • Please send dancers with a water bottle. Drinking fountains will not be allowed. 
  • Have your dancer use the bathroom before coming to dance. Bathroom use will only be used for emergencies. And please have your dancer wash their hands before coming to dance. 
  • Please avoid having your dancer come with personal items. Dance bags are allowed. They will be allowed to keep their dance bag with them in the room to avoid locker use. Lockers will be blocked off
  • When picking up dancers please wait in your car in the pick up line. Your dancers will be escorted to the main lobby. If your dancer is in 1st grade or younger you may come into the building to pick your dancer up. (Please maintain social distancing).
  • Please take your dancers’ temperature at home before sending them to class. NO FEVERS, COUGH, RUNNING/STUFFY NOSE, SORE THROAT, ACHES, CHILLS, ETC. ARE ALLOWED. Students will be sent home immediately. If students have had these symptoms do not send them to class unless it has been 7 days after all symptoms have subsided. No lingering coughs are allowed. If you have been exposed to Covid-19 we ask that you do not attend classes for the 14 days quarantine period even if you are symptom free. If your child is immune compromised or has other underlying health concerns, please call in to see what options we have for you this season. 
  • If your dancer has to miss due to COVID-19, please contact your teacher and we will make sure that your dancer is up to date when returning after their 14 day quarantine. 
  • Thorough cleaning is done every single night. We ask you to be honest and do not attend class if you have been exposed to Covid-19 or have any Symptoms.


At Bliss Academy of Dance & Cheer we strive to make learning and progression both exciting and rewarding. Our priority is to establish self worth in each student rather than perfection. Bliss is recognized for their sportsmanship and camaraderie. Dancing provides the opportunity to express emotion through unique and original movement. Furthermore, dancing is an expression of emotion. In our studio, we want each dancer to find their own joy, happiness, love and “Bliss”.


A complete dance education. Bliss offers access to several different class options and one of the most comprehensive catalogs in Utah. We offer Ballet, Jazz Technique, Contemporary, Lyrical & Jazz, Hip Hop, Cheer, Poppin/Break Dance, Tumbling, Tiny classes and Adult classes as well. We also have Private sessions.