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2022-23 competition team summer requirements: http://blissacademydance.com/comp-info/


We know that summer schedules are busy and it’s hard to commit to a weekly class.  With the punch card systems there is no pressure to attend a set weekly schedule, but also the opportunity to attend multiple times per week if desired!  We offer at least two classes back to back (i.e. an hour of cheer then hour of tumbling) where you can choose to stay for 1 or multiple classes that day.  You also have the option to choose anywhere from 4 to 16 punches (each punch = 1 class.  60 min classes for ages 1st up, 45 min for pre/k).  Punch Card classes begin July 5th, In June we offer Dance and cheer camp.

Details, dates & schedule below.  For pricing please, go to our punch card pricing page.


FOR ALL SUMMER CLASSES: Hair must be pulled back out of face, off of shoulders.

  • Pre-K: Jazz, Ballet & Tumbling.  Students may wear anything (movable) that brings them joy!  Most choose to wear leotards, some add tutus.  Bare feet.
  • Jazz/Ballet Combo: These classes split their class the time between ballet and jazz (see ballet and jazz definitions below).  Any Leotard. 1st-2nd can go bare foot or wear ballet/jazz shoes. 3rd-5th need ballet flats or half sole dance show or foot undeez.
  • Jazz: We focus mostly on jazz technique (turns, leaps etc), but will also learn some choreography combos as well. Wear anything form fitting, leotards are preferred. Most of you will also have ballet the same day, ballet attire works great.  Half sole dance show or foot undeez.
  • Ballet: Classes will work on classical ballet skill at both the barre and center floor.  While our methods are classic, we do like to use Disney music or popular radio music to keep it fun!  Wear pink ballet flats, any style black leotard, pink tights.  If you are staying for jazz/acro, we recommend convertible tights.
  • Tumbling, Acro: Tumbling is the “floor” section of gymnastics.  However we use non spring mats to better prep students to be able to tumble in dance routines and make future high school cheer teams.  We have lots of training equipment and instructors who are qulaified to spot.  Come with bare feet and anything you can move in!  Keep in mind, You will likely be up side down so you may prefer a form fitted top, or shirt that will stay tucked in.
  • Cheer: We focus on jumps, angles, and (cheer) dances in the summer.  We do stunt a little as well (but will focus on this more heavily in the fall with our set teams). Cheer shoes or light weight tennis shoes, shorts and any top.  Form fitting is preferred for correcting form.
  • Hip Hop: We focus mostly on fundamentals (Popping, waving etc) but also teach choreography combos.  Wear tennis shoes and anything you can move in!



  • Level 1 (Novice) = New-1 year of dance.
  • Level 2 (Beginning) = 2+ years of dance.  Knows all basic ballet positions, how to do a single pirouette (etc) but still working on consistency and form.
  • Level 3 (Intermediate 1) =  Beginning skills have been mastered with proper form, working on intermediate skills (such as double turns and fouettés).
  • Level 4 (intermediate 2) = Most intermediate skills have been mastered with proper form, working on advanced skills (such as triple pirouettes and switch leaps)
  • Level 5  (Advanced) = Intermediate skills have been mastered, with proper form, has excellent flexibility and is working on Pro skills (such as 4+ turns)
  • Level 6 (Pro) = Solid 4+ pirouettes in proper form, consistent and well rounded in all areas of technique, elite flexibility, etc

NOTE:  (choose the highest skill that can be performed safely without a spot).

  • Level 1: New, or still working to get cartwheels, round offs, arch ups etc.
  • Level 2: Can do all level 1 skills in proper form, working on arch kick over
  • Level 3: Can arch kick over from standing, working back walkovers and back handspring
  • Level 4: Can back handspring in proper form, working series handsprings & tucks
  • Level 5: Has series handsprings/tuck in proper form, working Lay outs
  • Level 6:  Has Layout and/or half twist in proper form, his working on fulls.

If you are unsure of your students level, please reach out to Cassi at blissacademy@gmail.com.

JULY 2022 Schedule Coming Soon


4 weeks of punch card classes,  July 5th-July 28th, 2022

NOTE: You will see some competition team names listed below in parenthesis.  This is to help our competition students navigate their correct summer classes.  However, anyone of the listed age and/or level can attend, even if they are not on a competition team.




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