Bliss Academy of Dance & Cheer | Summer Jazz Tech/Ballet
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Summer Jazz Tech/Ballet

Summer Jazz Technique/Ballet


Why we love summer ballet, jazz technique & acting for dancers!

With the punch card system there is no pressure to be to attend the class weekly, but also the opportunity to attend all classes if desired!  Our top of the line technical coaches will give the student proper ballet training, advanced their jazz technique skill and also work on acting for dancers!  This is an important aspect of dance, where we teach our students how to connect to the music, with their face, body and emotion.


We will begin each class with ballet, and students should be in ballet attire: tights, leotard, ballet flats.  There is no color code.  Once its time to switch to jazz, we will allow students to change our of tights, if they would like.  Students are encouraged to wear form fitting clothing for jazz.   Hair must be pulled back out of face, off of shoulders.  Bring dance undeez (or gore boots) and ballet flats.


We will not allow students who forget punch cards into classes.  There will be a Bliss receptionist at desk from 9am-11:30am to assist you if needed.

NOTE: Punch pass good for only the students who name is listed on the card .  No refunds on summer punch cards, but they never expire.

No refunds on summer punch cards, but they never expire.


  1. Tots = Ages 2-4.  Email if interested in a weekly dance class (which scold be combined with tumbling) for this age.
  2. Novice = Ages 5-8.  New to dance, or beginning dancers under the age of 6. (Mini Prep)
  3. Beginning = Ages 7-10.  Basic Knowledge of ballet positions and beginning jazz technique (Mini Co)
  4. Int Prep = Ages 9-12.  Knowledge of ballet positions and basic jazz technique, solid single/double pirouettes, working on intermediate skills (Jr Prep)
  5. Intermediate = Ages 9-12.  Knowledge of ballet positions and basic jazz technique, solid double pirouettes, working on Adv Prep skills (Jr Co)
  6. Adv Prep = Ages 12+.  Multiple years dance experience, sufficient ballet and  jazz knowledge, solid double/triple pirouette, side leaps, ala seconds, etc (Sr Prep Co)
  7. Advanced = Ages 21+.  Multiple years dance experience, extensive ballet and  jazz knowledge, solid triple/quad pirouette, switch leaps, fouettes, etc. (Sr Co)


8 straight weeks of jazz tech. Offered once a week for each age/level.  Beginning Mon June 12th through Friday August 4th.

If you are on one of the below competition teams for 2017-2018, you are have a 4 class minimum requirement:

  • Ages 2-4: TBA (35-45 min)
  • Mini Prep/Mini Co: TBA (1 hour)
  • Jr Prep & Jr Co: Thursdays 3:15-5:15 (wear ballet clothing)
  • Sr Prep & Sr Co: Tuesday 3:15-6pm (15 min to change from jazz to ballet)


For PRICING and DISCOUNTS on punch passes , please see our Pricing page. 

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