Styles Offered


Ballet is the root and foundation of all dance forms.  It is the CORE of all dancing.  Students who take ballet will have an advantage with ALL other dance styles.  Proper posture is critical and will be corrected to help improve the dancer.

Ballet will improve strength, balance, grace and overall coordination through barre and floor work. Ballet is the most demanding and disciplined of all dance forms, but also rewarding. At BLISS, we explore the art of ballet to multiple music genres to help students experience contrasting emotions.

With our younger kids, will rotate between jazz technique and ballet technique. This is the most effective way to keep children engaged during class and excited to return to class. BLISS offers a variety of music to help students to “feel” the movement.

Jazz Technique

If you want to improve your dance skill make technique a priority.  Jazz technique classes will offer instruction on turns and leaps, flexibility, strength building, across the floor combos, etc.

With our younger kids, will rotate between jazz technique and ballet technique. This is the most effective way to keep children engaged during class and excited to return to class. BLISS offers a variety of music to help students to “feel” the movement.

Contemporary, Lyrical & Jazz Choreography

Unique movement with jazz technique and ballet skill incorporated.  Lyrical choreography tends to cater to the more graceful side of dance, Jazz to the more upbeat and contemporary with a mix of the two as well as modern elements.

Hip Hop

Fast paced and funky movement with the incorporation of stalls, popping, locking, gliding and even some break dancing.

Hip hop pushes dancers to become true performers. BLISS hip hop choreography is unique and entertaining! Hip Hop is our most popular dance style offered at BLISS. Dancers use showmanship and personality to generate energy while performing. All hip hop teams are invited to compete in the Spring and perform at concert. Tumbling is a paramount to hip hop. Tumbling can help with stalls and break dancing. Tumbling classes are offered directly after hip hop, so that dancers can take advantage of the timing and instruction.


Jumps, kicks, angles, stunting, flexibility, muscle building/toning, some tumbling and hip hop.

Routines offer a variety of music and styles of dance coupled with cheer stunts and tumbling.  Cheer routines have jumps (for flexibility) motion sequences (for muscle toning) stunting (for strength training) and dance moves – hip hip, jazz, character, etc (for endurance). Cheer leaders are also required to take tumbling and will receive instruction based on their level.  Cheer routines offer both strength and cardiovascular training as well as an emphasis on teamwork! For those who are preparing to try out for a school team, BLISS cheer is a must – as many of our instructors were (or still are) high school cheer coaches themselves!


This is a one of a kind class not offered by many studios in Utah!  Poppin’ is a combines pop and locking movements, tutting, waving, etc.  We also teach some basic breakdancing technique. This class allows the freedom of expression to exciting rhythms. While this class is most popular among our boys, we love when we get girls involved!


From summersaults to back tucks…

EVERYONE is encouraged to take tumbling, not just cheerleaders. Although tumbling classes don’t compete, tumbling can be added into ALL dance style routines. The skills learned through tumbling will raise the intensity level of all other dance styles. Tumblers learn NEW tricks, while improving the technique they already acquired. BLISS focuses solely on floor work, which allows the classes to progress at a quicker pace. . Mats are used, instead of a spring floor. The material learned can easily and safely be adapted to use in dance routines. Safety is the top priority. Tumblers will receive the necessary spot. All teachers at are qualified/certified tumbling coaches!

Combo Classes (ages 18 months-Kinder)

A variety of styles are taught in our boys and girls classes. In order to keep class interesting and fun, exploration of many styles is pursued. Jazz, ballet,and tumbling.  We also have a cheer and tumbling class and a hip hop and tumbling class. BLISS wants to give these young dancers the opportunity to “test” which dance style they enjoy most. We are one of the only studio to take kids at 18 months, in which it is NOT a mommy and me class.  Classes offered will help your child to work as a group, follow instruction, and explore movement and rhythm. Our instructors use music, props, and games to make class enjoyable for your little one.

Adult Hip Hop & Jazz

Like the old adage, use it or lose it. For all you former dancers out there – don’t stop dancing now! Keep up on your jazz technique while learning new and exciting hip hop choreography. This class is great if you are preparing for dance auditions. Our adult classes allow you to stay in shape, make friends, and have fun. The BLISS adult class also has the opportunity to perform at BLISS concerts!

Are you ready to feel the Bliss?