2019-2020 Class Schedules below:

[1] Performance teams

[2] Training classes (classes that do not learn a routine, such as tumbling)

[3] Competition teams

Competition teams required a try out and began this summer. Try outs are every May. If you are interested in joining competition teams sooner than May 2020, contact Cassi Cook.

REMEMBER CLASS NUMBERS, to help you better navigate registration.  You will see each class has an assigned class number.  And you will see these same numbers when you go to register.


TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES, click on the registration tab of website, log onto your account (or create an account if you are new to Bliss) and select the classes you would like.  You can view you classes if you click on “account” and then choose “classes.”  Once all desired classes are chosen, go to “cart” to pay registration fee.  You do not owe tuition until Sept 5th, auto pay will run Sept 5th (and the 5th of every month).


REGISTRATION FEE: A yearly registration fee is also due to secure your spot. $25 one student, $45 two students (siblings), $55 three+. No registration fee for our male students. (Registration fees help cover the cost of yearly music cuts, new equipment etc).  Your placement will not be reserved until registration  payment is made (which you can do online at time of registration). Be sure to hit “check out” after you have registered 0r bring cash or check to front desk, payable to BLISS.


PAYMENT*: You must have a card on file with auto-pay selected.  If cash/check is not received before the 5th of the month, your card will be run.  This will avoid a $10 late.


FORGOT USER/PASS: if you have forgotten your username or password do NOT create a new account.  Email blissacademyfinance@gmail.com to reset.


CLASSES BEGIN THE WEEK OF AUGUST 26TH, 2019!  There is no additional cost for the week of August classes.  First tuition payment due By September 5th, 2019.