Policy & Procedures

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Bliss Academy of Dance Policies & Procedues

Thank you for choosing BLISS to propel your dancing education and experience. We look forward to watching each student excel artistically while building confidence. In order to have consistency and success in our program our policies/procedures have been carefully created.

These policies/procedures are listed below in detail & apply to members and legal guardians of those members, on our performance teams, competition teams & training classes.  However, if you see this star symbol  that paragraph only applies to competition teams



Performance training classes have a per semester commitment (August-Dec, Jan-May). If student drops before the semester is over (Sept-Dec/Jan-May) the remaining balance due for that semester as well as any costume and/or costume fees may be due in full. No reimbursement will be received if the student withdrawals before the end of the month. We appreciate your understanding, you can contact us to add or remove a class for the second semester.

Competition team students are held to a higher standard than other Bliss teams. This will require sacrifice and dedication.

Dance/Cheer is a full season commitment for competition teams (August-May). This will require sacrifice and dedication. If student drops before the semester is over, the remaining balance due for that semester (all months of tuition) as well as any costume and/or costume fees may be due in full. No reimbursement will be received if the student withdrawals before the end of the month. We are so excited for your students when they make their high school teams, but please be prepared to double team with both Bliss and High school teams at the end of the year. We understand there will be some circumstances where a class needs to be dropped mid year and will work as a case-by-case scenario.

Should a student miss a competition, that student will be spaced out, and will likely forfeit their original placement. This may apply to students with excessive absences as well. Class time should be utilized a to the fullest. Re-working routines is time consuming and unfair to students who have been present.

Other competition requirements for the season include:

* HIP HOP CREWS: A minimum of one additional class each week

* CHEER TEAMS: A minimum of 1 tumbling classes per week,

* COMPANY (No Mini or Sr Co):  2 Saturdays per month.

Students can attend any two Saturdays at their assigned time frame. Roll will be taken, and if 2 Saturdays each month are not fulfilled, this counts as an absence.



It is the responsibility of the parents/students to be aware of all dates and events.  Information regarding holiday breaks, fee due dates, costumes, performances, etc. are posted on BLISS website.

Notes do not usually go home with students.  However we do our best to remind you through text and/or email (newsletters). It is the responsibility of parent/guardian to keep their account up to date to ensure proper communication.

As a courtesy to the team and instructor, please notify the instructor prior to missing class.



If possible, have students use restroom (at Life Centre or at home) BEFORE class.    Please be respectful as Life Centre gym members also use this.  Any inappropriate behavior will be reported.

The lockers and shelves are located by studio 1 & 2.  Studio 3 (aerobic) has hooks inside the room.  Ages 11+ can also use the lockers downstairs in the dressing room.

  • TUMBLERS: Place shoes on SHELVES, not in the lockers.  If you have a bag, you may use the lockers.  Lockers should be reserved for those with bags.
  • DANCERS/CHEERLEADERS: Place bags in the lockers, share with teammates to free up space.  If its just shoes/jacket, please use the shelves.  NOTE: Studio 3 (aerobic room) can hang bags on the shelves inside the door.



All students are expected to treat instructors, dancers, and parents with respect. Parents and students need to keep a close communication with the instructors (regarding absences, tardies, etc.) Please relay absences to instructors (not to the studio directors/secretary).

Respect and good behavior in the studio is imperative, so that each dancer to excel and reach their full potential!  Disruptive, disrespectful, or listless students will not be tolerated.  Parental support of rules and any disciplinary actions is crucial.   When necessary parents will be contacted.

  • No food or gum or PHONES allowed in class, unless approved by instructor.
  • Respect teammates, no excessive touching, no teasing, listen in class.
  • Proper dance attire required (detailed below)



There will be zero warnings for the use of drugs or alcohol on Bliss property or at Bliss concerts. Those students will immediately be removed from their teams with no refund.

Your student’s social media accounts are also a reflection on Bliss.  Any inappropriate posts, including drug or alcohol use, will be subject to probation (stunted must still attend classes but will be removed form some or all of a routine) or being removed from the studio entirely, as per the director’s discretion of the offense.



All Students must be dressed properly to participate.

  • Hair should be pulled up neatly away from the face and secured properly.
  • Warm ups can be worn during stretching in cold weather months.
  • Proper shoes are required for each class.

Please adhere to attire guidelines below


Competition team dress code policy

We recommend having a dance bag where all items remain until student needs them. With the below breakdown, you will see that you get 3 total before a fine is processed, regarding dress code, tardies and using a phone during class hours. You do not get three of each of those.

The below is per class per semester (August-Dec, Jan-may):

* 4 of: tardies, dress code, phone = $5 fine.

* For every 2 violations after those 4 = $5



Students are expected to be on time.   If warm-up has passed please be aware this could result in injury. PLEASE BE ADVISED should the student participate, BLISS (and all staff members) cannot be held responsible for any injury sustained. (See the hold harmless agreement) The teacher has the right to refuse participation.

Competition team tardy policy

We understand everyone will have a day they are late, however its important the appropriate amount of time is set aside for when unexpected issues arise, in order to avoid it happen excessively. With the below breakdown, you will see that you get 3 total before a fine is processed, regarding dress code, tardies and using a phone during class hours. You do not get three of each of those.

The below is per class per semester (August-Dec, Jan-may):

* 4 of: tardies, dress code, phone = $5 fine.

* For every 2 violations after those 4 = $5



Attendance is crucial in order to progress.  Classes missed consistently may result in student forfeiting right to perform.  We do not desire to remove anyone from a routine, as it also affects the spacing and set up for the others teammates.  Please remember that the classes held 1-2 weeks prior to a concert, as well as dress rehearsals, are especially critical. No refunds on tuition, costumes, or performance fees will be given.

We encourage absences should be reserved for illness and family trips, and the instructor should be notified prior to the absence.

Competition Team Attendance Policy

Excessive absences can also result in removal of some of the routine.

The below is per class per semester (August-Dec, Jan-may):

(1) 3 choreography absences = $15 fine

(2) For each choreography absence after those 3 = $5 fine

(3) 2 absences for each of the following styles: Tumbling, acro, Jazz & ballet.  After those two missed, all missed classes in these non-choreography styles must be made up; there is no fine.



In the event of an absence, BLISS Academy of Dance offers the opportunity to make-up class missed.

  • With the exception of holidays and prearranged closures, which cannot be made up. Make-up lessons must be completed 2 weeks prior or 2 weeks after class missed.    Please contact your coach for make up options, who will then inform that instructor & Cassi Cook, to avoid confusion and being charged for class.
  • Dancers must attend a similar style of the class missed.(jazz to jazz/ballet, tumbling to tumbling/acro.)
  • Please keep in mind that make-up classes may not be at student’s exact level & that not all classes are available to attend as a make up.

There are no refunds on missed classes.



We DO still hold class on teacher work days/end of quarter days.  BLISS Academy of Dance is closed Labor Day, UEA, Halloween, Thanksgiving Break (Wed-Friday), Winter Break (Dec 23rd-Jan 2nd), Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Spring Break (Canyons District, April 4th-11th), and Memorial Day. Classes missed for these pre arranged dates are not be eligible for make-up classes.

The above dates are pre arranged closures dates will not be eligible for make-up classes.



Please pick up students promptly. Students 7 and up are invited to wait in the main seated lobby. Parents are solely responsible for students after the assigned class time. Please be considerate and swiftly pick up your student. Instructors want to ensure your child’s safety, but can’t always stay past class hours; we cannot guarantee teacher supervision.  If you are in a bind and need an instructor to stay, please contact the instructor directly and your account will be charged $1 every min they are supervising. If instructor notices your child still waiting and they cannot get a hold of you, account will be charged accordingly.

Please follow the parking lot pick up route signs in parking lot to avoid congestion.



Each year, students are assessed a registration fee with the exception of male students. ($25 one student, $20 additional student, $10 3+ siblings. Registration fees are used in yearly music mix charges, new equipment, rewards box refills, extra concert charges, etc.



Account dues should be paid by the 5th of each month.  Through our secure website, account dues will be ran on the credit card on file if cash or check (payable to BLISS) is not turned in at Life Center front desk before the 5th of each month. A $10 fee will be assessed for declined cards/late fee. It is your responsibility to keep the card on file updated. We reserve the right to refuse entry into class if account is not current. This is considered an absence and cannot be made up. Additionally, accounts must be current with no outstanding balances to participate in the Bliss showcases, with no costume or concert fee refunds. There will be a $25 fee for all returned checks.

After 30 days account will be sent to our collection agency (Outsource Management) and a finance charge of 1 1/2% per month (annual percentage rate 18%) of the unpaid balance will be added monthly. Should collection become necessary, the responsible party agrees to pay a collection fee of up to 40% and all legal fees of collection, with or without suit, including attorney fees and court costs.

The number of weeks in a month does not affect the monthly tuition.  As tuition is based on a monthly basis, the number of weeks in a month does not affect tuition. Tuition will not be pro-rated when students miss a class or if there is no class held due to holidays, school breaks etc. Fees such as guest teachers, extra practices & choreography dues are factored into monthly tuition pricing.  Additionally, students who drop before the semesters end will be charged for the full semester, unless it has been otherwise cleared through director.



Each performance team and competition team will need to purchase a costume(s) for our two concerts. Training classes (i.e. tumbling) do not perform at these concerts and therefore don’t need a costume.

The costume fee will not include the shoes; your instructor will let you know what you need to find on your own for the routine.

Costume fees are made payable to costume rep (Nina Hauber) NOT Bliss.  By doing this we avoid any “middle man” mark up fees from the studio.  That said, unpaid balances to the costume reps will result in late fees

For performance teams this around $80 for the main costume piece(s) as well any accessories. We will re-use this costume again in May, with a second fee of around $20 for to switch out/add accessories.

For competition teams this is $200 for two costumes, $100 being due in August and $100 being due in Jan (this is per team, per costume). You will also have certain make up you need, which you can find info on under the comp corner tab.



We have a concert day In Dec and again in May. These are typically on a Saturday, with dress rehearsals being around 10 days prior to that. Each team will attend on dress rehearsal day (so if you are on multiple teams you may be attending 2 days).

IMPORTANT: If your student cannot attend the concert day its CRUCIAL we know this right away.

The cost is $40 per student with $5 off each additional student; $10 off male participants. Spectator admission to our concerts is free.   In order to have shorter shows, we host two concerts and split the performance teams in half, each team performing in one concert but our competition teams performing in both. We cannot guarantee siblings will be in the same show. Concerts are anywhere from 45 min-75 min long.

For competition teams, other fees include:

* September: Comp team jacket/Hoodie – $62

* Oct: (cheer only): $25 music release Fee & $25 liner fee

* Nov: Concert fee: $40 per student, $10 off each additional

* Jan 2020: Second costume payment: $100

* Jan-May 2020 : Competition fees (Fees are per student, per competition)

$40 one routine

$70 two routines

$90 three routines

$100 four+ routines



You may log onto your Bliss account at anytime to view invoices, payments made, make payments, add classes, etc.  Accounts must be current with no outstanding balance for tuition, costumes, or other fees to participate in winter and spring Bliss showcases. Contact Blissacademyfinance@gmail.com with account questions.



NEW this year, we will be sending home progress reports every 6 weeks. We hope this will allow you better understand your students strengths and weaknesses and help us encourage them to reach their goals. We will send those home in Oct and near our Dec Concert.

Competition teams will also have an additional progress report; the first one will go home the end of August.



Each room provides viewing windows. BLISS welcomes parents to observe their students. Staying to watch is optional.

  • Please keep the viewing area free of food and trash
  • Keep talking to a minimum as not to disrupt classesor Life Center patrons.
  • Do not allow children to climb on or around ANY equipment.
  • Please be mindful of walkers/runners before you or your children proceed on the track; children should not play on track at any time.
  • Please keep bags and kids off of middle of track
  • If the blinds are down/curtains pulled shut, please ask an instructor to assist in raising/opening them.



Photos and/or video may be used for promotional or other materials for BLISS Academy of Dance without consent or payment to the dancer or parent.



BLISS Academy of Dance truly values your input and involvement. We welcome questions, comments, and concerns regarding your student.  If there are concerns/comments, feel free to set up an appointment with the instructor outside of class time. Class time is limited and to be as productive as possible, please reach out to instructor at the appropriate time.  Instructor information can be found online at Blissacademydance.com.

At BLISS Academy of Dance, we strive to cultivate an enthusiastic and supportive environment. The art of dance lives beyond an eight count. Our goal is to teach life building skills while gaining confidence and personal awareness. BLISS Academy of Dance asks parents and dancers to be trusting and supportive of our teaching staff and artistic decisions. We want the very best for your child. We look forward to working together. 


Shake the soul. Wake the dance. Feel the Bliss


Are you ready to feel the Bliss?