Performance Information

Performance Hair & Makeup


  • Foundation to match skin color
  • Blush in a red/pink (do your best to coordinate with the lip color)
  • Pencil/shadow in eyebrows for those with light hair color
  • Eye shadow: TBD
  • Black eye liner (apply firmly top, lightly on bottom)
  • Black mascara on the top and bottom lashes (light layer)
  • False eyelashes that are appropriate weight and size for your child –If applying on children please trim to fit their eyes
  • Lip Stick: TBD


  • TBD 

Costumes & Team Wear

Team Wear:

  • Studio apparel will be available to purchase. (Not required)
    • Contact Missy Machin for more information

Dance/Cheer Costumes:

  • Each performance team member will need to purchase 1 costume per season (due in Oct), with a second SMALLER fee (5-15) as we add or switch out an accessory for the May concert. 
  • Costumes are $60-$75
  • Costume fittings will be done during class time. Your instructor will let you know when this is. If a parent is not present you are giving your consent for the instructor to not only fit your student, but to decide to se what fits best.
  • Payments should be made payable to Jenn Johnson NOT Bliss
  • Costume fee does not include shoes
  • Each instructor will let you know the total and any details such as hairstyle and shoes needed.
  • Unpaid balances by instructors set due dates will result in late fees
  • There are no refunds on costume/cheer uniforms.

Charge Dates

August: Tuition
September: Tuition
October: Tuition
November: Tuition + Winter Concert Fee
December: Tuition

January: Tuition
February: Tuition
March: Tuition
April: Tuition + Concert fee due

Concert Fees


  • $40 per student
  • $5 off each additional sibling

Concert, Dress Rehearsal & Pictures Tentative Dates


  • Winter Concert: December 11th (PENDING)


  • Spring Concert: May 14th (PENDING)
  • Pictures: May 3rd-4th

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