Camp Pricing


  • There is no registration fee for summer camp.
  • Payment is due at time of registration.
  • Contact if you need to pay with cash or check.
  • 10% off total if registering by May 15th, 2021!
  • Boys ages 7 up taking a cheer or dance (jazz/ballet camp) attend for FREE!  That’s right, FREE!!
  • No refunds on camps, but if you miss a day you can make it up at another camp.

*For dates & more details about camps

*To register

*2021-22 competition summer requirements:



  • For dance camps choose based on your age + technique level (Technique level chart below)
  • For cheer camps choose based on your tumbling level (Tumbling level chart below)
  • For hip hop camps you will Choose group based on age (all ages come the same amount of time).  On day 1 of camp, we will split them by level.
  • If you are on a 2021-2022 competition team, you will choose your camp based on team.  You will will see your team name listed under “grade.”


  • Level 1 (Novice) = New to a style or 1 year of dance.
  • Level 2 (Beginning) = Knows all basic ballet positions, how to do a single pirouette, how to leap (etc) still working on consistency and form.
  • Level 3 (Intermediate 1) =  Beginning skills have been mastered with proper form, working on intermediate skills (such as double turns and fouettés).
  • Level 4 (intermediate 2) = Most intermediate skills have been mastered (such as double pirouettes and fouettés) and dancer has their splits as well.
  • Level 5  (Advanced) = Intermediate skills have been mastered (such as triple pirouettes and switch leaps).  Excellent flexibility, learning advanced skills.
  • Level 6 (Advanced+) = Solid 4+ pirouettes in proper form, consistent and well rounded in all areas of technique, elite flexibility, learning pro skills.

NOTE:  (choose the highest skill that can be performed safely without a spot).

  • Level 1: New, or still working to get cartwheels, round offs, arch ups etc.
  • Level 2: Can do all level 1 skills in proper form, working back walk over
  • Level 3: Can back walk over in proper form, working back handspring
  • Level 4: Can back handspring in proper form, working series handsprings
  • Level 5: Has series handsprings in proper form, working tucks
  • Level 6:  Has back tuck (running or standing) in proper form, working on layouts or other advanced skills.


Summer Camp 2021

3-4 (In Preschool this Fall)$60N/AN/AN/A
5-6 (In Kindergarten or 1st Grade this Fall)$80N/AN/AN/A
Level 1-2N/A$115$125$125
level 3N/A$115$145$145
Level 4N/A$115$160$145
Level 5-6N/A$115$160$160
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