2019-2020 Teams

REMINDER: Check IMPORTANT INFO” (under Comp Corner tab) for your summer requirements.    Competition members must be registered for summer by TODAY, June 3rd!



First let us express our sincere appreciation to teach your children.  It is our goal with these placements to have each of our students in the correct class so they can learn in a positive, healthy environment in which to progress along their journey.  We invite our parents to enjoy this journey with their children.   Having your help as parents can make this experience a positive one regardless of class placement.   IT IS IMPORTANT THAT PARENTS AND STUDIO ARE ON THE SAME SIDE in order to support each students path to success.    No two dancers are alike and each will progress at their own pace; but all can achieve success!  Let us help them learn that they can cope with life’s challenges and view perceived failures as opportunities to learn and grow. We look forward to being apart of the journey for our both students individually and as teams as a whole.

NOTE 1: If any student needs to move up after summer session has ended, we will contact you.  Additionally if any student needs extra classes/private lesson for success in their current placement, we will also contact you.

NOTE 2: If your student did not make a competition team, we would love to guide you and your student into the proper classes to strengthen their skill and provide them experience needed for Bliss competition teams.



Questions with what your dancer needs to work on? The head of each division is below:

  • CHEER:  Lacie 801-448-2610
  • CREW:  Nina 801-884-8611
  • COMPANY:  Jenni 801-712-3417



  • Thursday August 1st, 5:30-6:30pm will be the Mandatory student meeting, at the Sandy Library (large meeting room). We will try on some costumes, go over our expectations, get studio buddies and get them pumped for the season. Parents do not need to attend but are welcome to if desired. 
  • Thursday August 1st 7-8pm will be the Mandatory parent meeting at Sandy Library (large meeting room).  Bring 1st semester costume uniform payment ($100 per dancer payable to Nina Hauber NOT Bliss – or you can Venmo) and a pen.  Students do not need to attend but are welcome to if desired.
  • NOTE: every year those who miss this meeting miss out on important info regarding the season, including hearing how each class will be set up, updates to our policies and procedures and what we need from them as competition parents.  Be sure to make being to this meeting priority. If you will be out of town, contact Cassi ASAP



Team rosters are listed in no particular.  We apologize in advance for any mis-spellings of names. 



  1. Hazel L
  2. Billie J
  3. Violet M
  4. Kandance F
  5. Brynlee J
  6. Kylie K
  7. Ryssa M
  8. Quinn G
  9. Brooke R
  10. Ashyton B
  11. Braylee



  1. Zoey K
  2. Leslie H
  3. Greta G
  4. Kiara C
  5. Sophia M
  6. Avery D
  7. Rachel G
  8. Autumn G
  9. Nixan B
  10. Easton L
  11. Halle B
  12. Audrey F
  13. Carly Jo H
  14. Allie H
  15. Ashlee K



  1. Jade H
  2. Baylee G
  3. Kenzi C
  4. Poppy J
  5. Kiana Z
  6. Karli E
  7. Emily W
  8. AJ L
  9. Taylor O
  10. Nickelle N
  11. Riley M
  12. Ashley R
  13. Chloe G




  1. Jayde H
  2. Quinn G
  3. Paisley B
  4. Tenley M
  5. Kaydence R
  6. Cozi C
  7. Brooke R
  8. Brynlee J
  9. Jocelyn W
  10. Ashytn B
  11. Harlee G
  12. Preslee E
  13. Chloe C

Swag Alternates

  • Katelyn W



  1. AJ L
  2. Alex C
  3. Karli E
  4. Lily H
  5. Greta G
  6. Poppy J
  7. Baylee G
  8. Zoey K
  9. Sophie G



The first dance is together, we will separate teams for second routine.  So what did you make?  We’re not telling you  🙂  We want to see based on a full semester of dance who shows off the most.

  1. Taylee J
  2. Ava D
  3. Jocelyn H
  4. Calli S
  5. Baylee W
  6. Chesney I
  7. Jersie J
  8. Camree E
  9. Tayler O
  10. Tess S
  11. Blayke C
  12. Peyton B
  13. Alexis W
  14. Chloe J
  15. Minie J
  16. Marley I
  17. Katie C


  1. Shayla B
  2. Anika B
  3. Aniyah H
  4. Grace B
  5. Sadie T
  6. Halle T




  1. Heidi W
  2. Alexa C
  3. Billie J
  4. Evelina J
  5. Camryn R
  6. Emmy R
  7. Lucy B
  8. Sadie S
  9. Nayomi G
  10. Estelle D



  1. Lusi N
  2. Cozette C
  3. Ashlee K
  4. Ally J
  5. Myla W
  6. Carlie D
  7. Scarlett B
  8. Chloe C
  9. Preslee E
  10. Paisley B
  11. Ruby D



  1. Mini J
  2. Chloe J
  3. Camree E
  4. Alexis
  5. Calli S
  6. Blayke C (invited to double team with Sr prep)
  7. Baylee W (invited to double team with Sr prep)
  8. Taylee J (invited to double team with Sr prep)

Jr Co Alternates

  • Savannah R



  1. Aniyah H
  2. Peyton B
  3. Tess S
  4. Chesney I
  5. Katie C
  6. Halle T



  1. Grace B
  2. Olivia P
  3. Aubrey B
  4. Cassidy E
  5. Sydney L
  6. Aniyah H
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