Important Info

Competition Costumes, Dates and Pricing

SAVE THE DATES  – 2018 (2019 TBD)
  • Student meeting – Monday August 20th, 4pm.  Sandy Library, Large meeting room.
  • Parent meeting/contract signing – Wednesday August 22nd, 6:30pm.  Sandy Library, Large meeting room.
  • Competition Dance Costume Try on – Some of these will be done on August 20th at our meeting with the kids. We will let you know about a follow up date.
  • Competition Cheer costume Try on – We are re -suing last years uniforms, jus getting new bows.  If you are new we will find you a used one and be in touch.
  • Pick up cheer & dance costumes – TBD.
  • Dress rehearsals #1: Alta High Tuesday Dec 4th, 3-9pm (you wont be there the whole time but block out this entire slot until further notice)
  • Dress rehearsal/pictures #2:  Alta High Thursday Dec 6th, 3-9pm (you wont be there the whole time but block out this entire slot until further notice)
  •  WINTER CONCERT, Alta High: Saturday December 15th, once concert at 10:00 am, one at 11:15am.  They are in both shows, doing the SAME routine at each.  Each show is only about 40 min long. Families can choose either to attend.


FEES 2018-2019

Concert:                                                                                                            Fees are Charge is per student, $5 off each additional sibling. Boys are $10 off.

  • Winter: $35 per student
  • Spring: $40 per student **This one is more because we do two shows**

Competitions                                                                                                         Fees Charge is per student, per competition.

  • $40 one routine
  • $70 two routines
  • $90 three routines
  • $100 four+ routines
  • Additional Fees for comp cheer only:
    •  $45 music fee charged in August

Conventions/workshops/Disney (optional)

  • RAP IT UP hip hop workshop, date TBA: $125
  • JUMP convention, at UVU date TBA – $200


CHARGE DATES 2018-2019

  • *Cheer only* AUG 1st:    $45 music fee
  • *Dance only*AUG 22nd:   $150 Costume fee (payable to Nina at our meeting)
  • New students: OCT =  $48 Comp team Jacket fee
  • All teams NOV:  =  Concert fee
  • *Cheer only*   DEC:   $40 If we compete in Jan

Beginning in Jan 2019, We will charge for one comp at a time, one month at a time.  cheer teams will start in Dec 2018 (for thier Jan comp).

You may notice one month you have NO charge, if you are attending less comps. We charge in order, so if your team is not attending a certain comp, you are skipped being charged for that comp/month.

Spring concert fee will be charged In May.




  • Foundation 1-2 shades darker than skin color
  • False eyelashes that are appropriate weight and size for your child -If applying on children please trim to fit their eyes
  • Blush 1-2 shades darker than “every day” wear
  • Pencil or shade in eyebrows for those with light hair color -Highlight eyes with cream, white, or iridescent
  • Black mascara
  • Black eyeliner over the eye art

-Oil base make up remover is ideal for this lip stain removal and facial wipes

**I would recommend calling ahead ULTA before you make the trip for the required items (lip and shadow). **



Slick back, HIGH pony-tail (Top of head) straitened and looking sleek.  **Use 2-3 of the fat elastics in your hair color, so pop sticks up “genie” style.

Are you ready to feel the Bliss?