Competition Information

Competition Hair & Makeup


  • Foundation to match skin color
  • Blush in a red/pink (do your best to coordinate with the lip color)
  • Pencil/shadow in eyebrows for those with light hair color
  • Eye shadow: TBD
  • Black eye liner (apply firmly top, lightly on bottom)
  • Black mascara on the top and bottom lashes (light layer)
  • False eyelashes that are appropriate weight and size for your child –If applying on children please trim to fit their eyes
  • Lip Stick: Maybelline New York Super-stay Matte Ink: In the color Pioneer
    • (Dance) Pioneer
    • (Cheer) Romantic
    • NOTE: Oil base make up remover is ideal for this lip stain removal and facial wipes


  • DANCE:
    • Part hair in the middle; slick the rest of hair into a low ponytail. Ponytail should be flat ironed and shine spray is recommended.
    • Use bobby pins to keep the sides down for those with shorter hair.
  • CHEER:
    • Because we have girls who do both dance and cheer for Bliss concerts we may need the cheer team to do the “dance” hairstyle. We will keep you posted on that via GroupMe.
    • Your coaches/captains will also decide the hairstyle for the cheer competitions. Sometimes we change it up from comp to comp (low pony, high pony, curly, straight, etc.). Your GroupMes will keeep your updated.
    • Same rules as above with elastics, bobby pins, lots of hairspray, etc.

Competition Dates 2021


  • March 5th @ Mountain Ridge High School (Herriman)
  • March/April @ TBD (date and location is TBD *No Mini Prep*
  • April 22nd @ Desert Hills High School (St. George) 
  • May 7th @ Lagoon (Farmington)


  • March 12th @ local high school
  • March 27th @ local high school
  • April 30th @ SLCC

Costumes & Team Wear

Team Wear:

  • Competition Jacket
    • Comp teams are required to have a studio jacket. This makes us look unified &
    • We are using this jacket from last year. If you are new to comp
      teams, the cost is $62. The fee will be added to you accounts in August.
      Studio Apparel
  • Studio apparel will be available to purchase.
    • Contact Missy Machin for more information

Dance Costumes:

  • We will use our dances and costumes from last year and will also purchase 1-2
    new costumes.

    • Some altering of the of costumes from last season may be
    • Students new to comp will not need to learn the old routines
  • DANCE: Contact teacher to figure out price
    • This does not cover tights and shoes.\
    • Tights- Footless BLOCH “Endura” light tan
    • Shoes- Capizio

Cheer Costumes:

    • Measurements and payments will be sent to Lacie!
    • You will need to find your own all white shoes. You can find actual cheer shoes on amazon and even on But any lightweight white athletic shoe is great!

Charge Dates 2020/2021

August: Tuition + Registration, Cheer uniform **Uniform paid to Lacie**
September: Tuition
October: Tuition + First dance comp fee, 1/2 of first cheer comp fee
November: Tuition + Winter concert fee
December: Tuition + Second dance comp fee, other 1/2 of first cheer comp fee

January: Tuition + 1/2 of third dance comp fee, 1/2 of second cheer comp fee
February: Tuition + other 1/2 of third dance comp fee, other 1/2 of second cheer comp fee
March: Tuition + 1/2 of fourth dance comp fee, 1/2 of third cheer comp fee
• April: Tuition + other ½ of fourth dance comp, other ½ of third cheer comp
• May: Tuition + Concert fee due

Concert & Competition Fees


  • $40 per student
  • $5 off each additional student


Fees are per student, per competition.

  • one routine: $40
  • two routines: $70 ($35 per routine)
  • three routines: $90 ($30 per routine)
  • four+ routines: $100-$200 ($25 per routine, max payment of $200)

Concert & Dress Rehearsal, Banquet & Pictures Tentative Dates


  • Winter Concert: December 11th (PENDING)


  • Spring Concert: May 14th (TENTATIVE)
  • Pictures: May 3rd-4th (No comp classes held)
  • Competition Banquet: May 13th (TBD)

Dates to Remember 2021/2022 Season

  • May 19th @ 7:00 pm: Parent meeting at Bliss (discussing summer set up)
  • May 23rd-25th: Competition Team Tryouts
  • August 1st-4th: Kick off week and Mandatory parent meeting
    • (NOTE: please do not schedule vacations 1st-4th)
  • August 8th: Regular schedule begins

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